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It is rumoured that Winston Churchill has a note in his memoirs about an incident in Barmouth in 1944.

In February, 1944 three Barmouth schoolboys raided the armoury on the promenade taking three rifles and roughly 5,000 rounds of ammunition (.22 caliber). There were guards around at the time but the boys climbed in through a window. They took their weaponry and climbed Dinas Olau behind Barmouth shooting at rabbits and tin cans as they went. Suspecting a German invasion the local troops climbed up Dinas Olau after the enemy, who had, by now returned down from the mountain in time to watch the troops climb up. At the time. Barmouth, Llwyngwril, Tywyn, Arthog, Tonfannau were full of Royal Marine Troops and cadet officers who were in training. The armoury was installed on the promenade to support a rifle range for the 200 new officers who were passing through Barmouth every two weeks. One of the boys was my father's cousin and the other one's brother tried to date my mother. One of the boys' father worked with my father in the Crosville bus company in Barmouth. We're not saying who they are.

The lieutenant quarter-master was recalled from leave and the brigadiers batman was sent after the 'invaders' also.

A movie is to be made about the incident although it will be filmed in Yorkshire starting September 2001 and will likely be embellished to a point where it will be un-recognizeable to enhance its appeal. With a provisional title of 'Who goes there' (see http://www.popcorn.co.uk) it is described as being a story of three boys who dock a U-boat meant to be heading for southern island, whose German crew then clambers ashore to "over-run the town and get all the supplies" Sounds like a typical welsh yarn to me.

John Pugh
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