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Barmouth Businesses


The following is a listing of Barmouth businesses and service information that has not yet been fully populated. My listings do not seek to endorse any particular business except where specifically noted since I have limited exposure to them. Where the Barmouth  'Lokalink'  website provides the information I will be linking directly to that since it will be far more comprehensive than I can provide and it is not my intent to undermine their business. I am providing a simple text-based service which is available to everyone. My main purpose for my Barmouth web site is to link people together and present the historical and geographical features of the area. These pages are provided for convenience only in an attempt to provide visitors with information they may need in planning their visit. All listings are free and links to web sites may be accommodated by sending your request to John Pugh. Requests will be dealt with on a 'first-come first-served' basis and 'best effort' timing. I will make an exception for anyone who has an interesting  item for the 'history', 'people' or 'places' pages and put them top of the priority list.

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