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Harlech, Shell Island, St. Peter's

Nowhere in Snowdonia is far away from Barmouth. Harlech Castle is 10 miles to the North along the coastline and Snowdon itself is only hours away. At least a week of exploring awaits you in the Snowdonia National Park.

Ten miles north of Barmouth, Harlech Castle has an intact outer wall and is one of the better preserved castles of North Wales. Walk along the ramparts and in through the castle turrets. View the dungeons and the guardhouse. Standing on the western ramparts gives an impressive view of the ocean which at this point is known as Cardigan bay. On clear days Snowdon can be seen to the north. For more details on the 'Castles of Wales' visit the web site that describes some of the history of its castles. More information and pictures of Harlech can be found there.

This tidal island lies near Llanbedr which is approximately 8 miles north of Barmouth. It costs about $6 to visit the private island and camping is available. This is a popular spot for campers so make sure you book early! The view shown here is looking North toward Snowdon from the island. Harlech castle is barely visible in the distance with its impressive command of the ocean, which at one time ran all the way to the base of the castle. A set of stairs runs down from the castle to where the ocean used to be.

Approximately 8 miles north of Barmouth is the attractive town of Llanbedr (The church of St Peter). This is a picture of the actual St Peter's church. Visit St Peter's web site to learn more about the church and its community. The church newsletter is updated every month and the issues of the day are posted for added interest. Tony Newbery is the webmaster for this site. More than fifty percent of the population of Llanbedr speaks the national language of Wales which is welsh. Welsh lessons are available on the net. The welsh are famous for a number of things but one of my favorites is the music. There is hardly a choir in the world to compare to a welsh choir, female or male. Hwyl i chwi! (All the best).

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