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The Mawddach Estuary


This has to be as close to paradise as you can get. I could spend hours drinking in the salt sea smell and feeling the wind blow through the valley. It's never a boring sight and it's mesmerizing. Walk across Barmouth bridge and take it in from there or walk up to Panorama walk (It's steep but it's worth it) and view it from the top of the hills ouside Barmouth.

Watch the currents swirling around the bridge supports at high tide - you'll even see some large fish swimming upstream if you're patient.

Take in the old harbour while you're visiting this area. It's at the bottom of the large hill on the way to Dolgellau just outside of town and on the other side of the bridge. Barmouth was once a place where large sailing ships were built (see my section on books) and slate was carried out to sea.

Allow some time because this is one part of your visit you will not want to cut short if you appreciate the grandeur that mother nature can produce. The Cader Idris range of mountains is to the right of 'The George'.

fmawdd.gif (15017 bytes)
Low tide on the river

Lugworms can be found at low tide on these sand flats. You've got to be quick though - they can move quite rapidly-take your rubber boots! This picture is taken from one of the lay-bys on the road to Dolgellau, not far from the clockhouse.

'The George' is a favourite watering hole in the area and can be seen in the distance (white building). It was once a railway station. At one time ferry boats would bring people from Barmouth up river for a trip and tie up at the george for a while before returning.


These cottages are by the side of the river and the above photograph of 'The George' was taken from this location. They have always seemed ideally located to me. I'd be sure to have an outboard motor on my boat to skip over to 'The George' once in a while!

fgeorge.gif (14565 bytes)
The George

fcottages.gif (17992 bytes)
Cottages on the river


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