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 Barmouth Sounds

The intent of this page is to document the 'sounds' of Barmouth. The sounds could include a greeting from a Barmouth person, a works of music that have been written by someone from Barmouth, or about Barmouth. I hope to add some my own arrangements here as soon as I am satisfied with them (which may be never). This first entry is from a band called 'Leon' who corresponded with me and sent me the following song.

Song Title

Size/Type Artists
The Bridge 4.7MB/mp3 Leon

A song by 'Leon', a band from Wrexham who wrote a song about the Barmouth bridge and Barmouth. This article was originally posted in the year 2000

The band known as 'Leon' was formed in 1998 and was originally named 'Child'. From the outset, the three founder members from Wrexham, N.Wales (Mike Jones (Vocals), Carl Crocombe (Guitar) and Phil Jones (Bass)) set out to write, record and play their own material in a 'live' setting to establish their own musical identity.

In 1999 they produced their first EP, "Fall Away", which contained the track "The Bridge" which was originally entitled "Barmouth days". This song was inspired by their experiences camping in Fairbourne and their visits to Barmouth walking across the Barmouth bridge.

At first reluctant tourists owing to the traditional British weather that greeted them on their first visit, they grew to love the area, spending the next three years at their newly discovered haven making many friends and acquaintances, including the owners of 'The Sundancer' in Barmouth where they played a number of 'gigs'.

As leisure time became scarce the holidays stopped but the band kept in touch with friends by mail and Leon's vocalist, Mike, regularly e-mails Julie Mcoleman (nee Aston) who used to live in Fairbourne but married and moved to Canada in recent years. Julie travelled to Wrexham this year and was at the bands 'Yales' gig in Wrexham!(The reunion was celebrated into the early hours of the morning).

It might seem strange for a rock band likened to everybody from Blur to Stereophonics, Catatonia to Travis to write about places like Barmouth and Fairbourne but it demonstrates just how much the unique character of the area grabs people.

This acoustic version of 'The Bridge' is a poignant reminder of the beauty of Barmouth and the surrounding area. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do and that it carries you for a brief moment to a favorite place in the depths of your mind. My thanks to the band for allowing me to feature the song on my 'Barmouth' web site.

The EP containing the full version of the track "The Bridge" was featured on BBC Radio Lancashires unsigned band show "Breakthrough" and local community stations Wrexham Park FM and South Flintshire 106.7fm -(this station actually playlisted the track all this summer 2000). In 1999 the band recorded the "Love comes and goes EP", again recieving radio attention. That summer the band played the "Barmouth Music Festival". It was like taking the song home and was received brilliantly in the Friday night Sandancer gigs and in the Saturday gigs in the town square.

Currently the band have taken tracks off the two earlier EPS for the Peoplesound.com release "TV for company" and are recording an album in their hometown of Wrexham.

Leon have their own website

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