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Barmouth Literature

The intent of this page is to document works of literature that have been written by people from Barmouth, or books that have been written about Barmouth. In time I hope to have similar pages on the music and perhaps the art of Barmouth. Certainly there have been numerous artists who have captured the beauty of the area in one way or another.

Light Cakes for tea - written by Eirlys Trevor (Former resident of Barmouth), published by New Authors Ltd. 1958.

'A quiet, simple story, set in a minor key, but dealing with true and deep emotions in an honest and moving way. One can see almost exactly , the farmhouse, across two fields, sheltering under the great mountains with the welsh sheep dotted on the hillsides.'

Wherever Freights May Offer - written by Dr Lewis Lloyd, and printed by Gwasg Pantycelyn, Caernarfon. (c. 1993)

This book describes 'The Maritime Community of ABERMAW/BARMOUTH during the period 1565 to 1920. The pictures contained inside are priceless and the interesting way that the author has written about the stages of Barmouth's evolution make it difficult to put down. Anyone who has lived in Barmouth will find this book fascinating and for others, it will provide a wealth of history from which to draw when visiting the various buildings and places described within its covers. My thanks to Dr Lloyd for sending me a signed copy!

No Bamboo for Coffins - written by David Elio Roberts, printed and published by Gee & Son (Denbigh) LTD. Chapel Street, Denbigh LL16 3SW (c. 1996)

This book describes David's experiences as a prisoner-of-war of the Japanese and subsequently, Koreans in Palembang camp, Southern Sumatra. Knowing that it was a true story made it difficult to put down. The opening lines are as follows...." It was Friday the thirteenth of February, 1942.... not the best of days to choose for our little ship, H.M.S. "Mata Hari" to be blindly edging her way across a vast minefield, in total darkness, in the early hours of the morning..."

A terrific opening - My thanks to Mr. Roberts for sending me a copy!

The Cuckoos Parting Cry -  written by Anthea Minter under the pen name of Anthea Halliwell. A fictional tale of life in Moravon (Barmouth) in the 1930's seen through the eyes of an inquisitive 8 yr old. Anthea lived in Bontddu for a period and has just moved back into Barmouth.It is the area from Dolgarrog (Dolgellau) to Moravon in which the action----adultery, deception, murder takes place.Along side this there is exploration of some interesting houses (and their occupants) along the estuary. An easy read with familiar chords for those with nostalgic links to the area. 

Thanks to Martin from Barmouth for providing the above.

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