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Noteworthy Events

Events in and around Barmouth that are of general interest, some past, some future. Local events are also posted on the Barmouth tourism web site for those who are interested.

Table of Contents

  1. Film Making in Barmouth
  2. Financing a Marina in Barmouth

Film Making - 'Happy Now' (with Ioan Gruffudd)

While I was visiting Barmouth in December, 2000 the last day of film making for the 3 million pound film 'Happy Now' was in progress and I passed by the team wrapping up next to the Bath House as I was taking some evening shots of the harbour and the Estuary. Ioan Gruffudd ('102 Dalmations', 'Titanic' where he played the part of 5th Officer Harold Godfrey Lowe and 'Hornblower'),  spent 8 weeks filming in Barmouth and commented on the warm welcome he received in Barmouth during one of his many interviews.

The producers of the film donated a gift of one thousand pounds to the Barmouth Town Council in support of the work being done on the 'Carrera Marble Statue' Project. Frank Cocksey, a local sculptor will be working on the project which, it is estimated, will take twelve months to complete. The marble will come from the Bronze Bell wreck, found off Tal-y-Bont  beach by the Cae Nest Group.

For more information on Harold Lowe and the Bronze Bell wreck see the history section of this web site

Also, see the history section for information on the 'Battle of Barmouth' and the film 'Who Goes There' (provisional title).

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Financing a Marina in Barmouth

There's a possibility that funds from 'European Objective 1' funds will finance a new Marina. Barmouth is part of the 'Objective 1' area. Gwynedd County Council is sounding out the private sector by sending out a "Statement of Interest" which sets down broad guidelines for any such scheme.

The guidelines include

A report was originally scheduled by the end of July, 2001

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