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Harold Godfrey Lowe

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Harold Godfrey Lowe was born in 1883 in Wales and grew up in 'Penrallt', Barmouth. In 1897, Harold, who was 13, and his brother Edgar, just over 12, moved from the 6th Grade of the Board School to the relatively new Barmouth County Intermediate School which had been opened in 1894. We believe that Harold Lowe was grandfather to Peggy Lowe who later became Peggy Tyson. My parents and I knew Peggy Lowe and her sister Cynthia. Peggy was Michael Tyson's mother (he moved to Africa). Peggy's father, Arty Lowe, was a Barmouth character who used to own a ferry boat that took tourists across the river to the Fairbourne railway shouting 'All aboard the Skylark!'.

In 1912 he lived in Southampton. He was to be the 5th officer on Titanic and this was his first trip across the Atlantic. On the 14th April at 10pm on that fateful day, Lowe and two other seamen on watch went off-watch and was asleep when the ship hit the ice. Lowe was instrumental in saving a number of lives and took command of boat 14, also mustering boats 10, 11 and collapsible D. He also went back to the sinking ship to try and pick up survivors, finding three more people, one of whom later died.

On June 21st, 1912 in Barmouth, Harold Lowe was presented with a gold watch and chain together with an Album of Names of subscribers. The watch bore the following inscription:

'Presented to Harold G. Lowe, 5th Officer R.M.S. Titanic, by his friends of his in Barmouth and elsewhere, in recognition and appreciation of his gallant services at the foundering of the Titanic, 15th April 1912'. Mrs. Renee Harris, who was persuaded by Harold to board boat 14, presented him with a set of inscribed nautical instruments in appreciation.

He died on May 12, 1944 at the age of 61 and was buried at Llandrillo-yn-Rhos Churchyard, Colwyn Bay.

John Pugh
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