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The "remembered" section of this site (see links above)lists people who are particularly remembered by the author or others who may contribute from time to time. When available, biographical information and photographs are added. Contributions are welcomed. The other sections reference the year when emails were sent to me (John Pugh) by people who once lived in or in the vicinity of Barmouth. They are organized by the year in which the email was received.

Name Date of e-mail Comments (linked)

Mark Jones Dec, 2000 Our father is Ron Jones who was the local photographer and a shopkeeper..
Maddy Oct, 2000 We live upstairs in the flats on Heol Llewelyn..
Andy Davis Oct, 2000 Maybe a mention could be made of Mr Keeley Brazier, Painter..
Phillip duPre Sept, 2000 I was born in Barmouth. We moved to the states when I was six months old..
David and Sarah Tibbets Sept, 2000 I know a gentleman who is related to yourself, Ivor Evans....
Martin Elmar Sept, 2000 Dear John, Thanks for the update. Two Items!..
Phillip duPre June, 2000 John, the new improved website for Barmouth is really nice. Good job!...
Adrian Owen June, 2000 I was born in Barmouth in 1944....
Owain Peredur Griffith March, 2000 I left Barmouth a number of years ago...
Dave Linton Sept, 1999 I've been looking at your Barmouth pages since last February..
John Western Sept, 1999 Just read your pages regarding my favourite place on earth...
Martin July, 1999 Congratulations, an excellent page....
Bob Harrison Nov, 1998 I spent almost three years in Barmouth from 1977 to '80 ...
Steve Elmy Oct, 1998 We lived in Barmouth from 1965-74....
John Morris Aug, 1998 Perhaps you might remember me....
Judith Lewis June, 1998 I did spent my formative years in Barmouth...
Steve Brooks June, 1998 I used to live in Barmouth from 1963 to 1968
John Jones June, 1998 I have lived in Barmouth for the last 5 to 6 years
Andy Davis Nov, 1997 Nice site. I lived in Barmouth from 66 to 75....

Mark Jones (Dec/2000) - Mark and Heather lived not far from my own home..

Hello John,another excile here,enticed by your web site to remember people and places which once made up my life. My name is Mark Jones I lived in Barmouth from 1953 to 1976, I also have a sister Heather who grew up in Barmouth as well. We both lived at 11a Heol Llewlyn and attended both Barmouth Primary School andYsgol Ardudwy. I started at Barmouth Primary in 1958 and my sister started earlier in 1955 when the primary was still in the centre of town.

Our father is Ron Jones who was the local photographer and a shopkeeper, his business being in Belle Vue Arches, no longer there but now a chip shop. If you would indulge me for a little while I would like to recall some of the events that I think others might share and some of the people I shared them with. The first event I remember is the Green Garage burning down in the middle of the town, probably because it was close to the school and I saw the remains. I remember some of the teachers when I went to school, Mrs Morris, Miss Elias, Mrs Parry, Mrs Coulson [say hello to her daughter Francis for me], Mr. Hughes and Mr. Davies. The other children, Edgar Griffiths [the bakers son], David Collins [tragically killed in a boating accident later], Gregory Courtney [his time spent in goal cost his nose dearly], Alan Davies [a good friend later] his father serviced the lifeboat engines. Gunnars Grinvalds from the Ockenden Venture at Hendre Hall, Janet Williams [now Hill] good luck in her new venture with her sister, Moira Holland [girl footballer and humourist], Anne Simpson [I worked with her father, a nice man], Karen Cocksey and Susan Lil [her father had a building business and rose to be mayor]. More memories to recall will write again

Maddy (Oct/2000) - My grandmother (Elisabeth Hodge) lived in the Heol Llewelyn flats

Hi, I'm Maddy from Barmouth. I live on Heol Llewelyn. I'm disabled so I don't go out much but I'm blessed with a view of the sea every time I look out of my front window and the mountains when I look out of the back. I'm not from Barmouth but I have family here and I have lived in this area for eight years. I love the quietness of Barmouth, when the holidaymakers have gone. We live upstairs  in the flats on Heol Llewelyn (on the sea front ) so we get a full frontal view of the sea. It's very windy at the moment so the sea is coming over the sea wall. I know what you mean about storms.  My kids and I go upstairs and watch them. We had a good one a few weeks ago. Do you know Gareth or Phillip Gladstone? - Maddy

Andy Davis (Oct/2000) - An update from Andy

Hi, John,

Thanks for the reminder about the site, nice to see it developing. Maybe a mention could be made of Mr Keeley Brazier, Painter , whom I am sure you will recall. He had a grumpy old dog, Buddy, who accompanied him everywhere, and lived to about 20 years. His landscapes deserve to be displayed to people at some level. Maybe a scan can be found? I'll see if I can find something.

Philip duPre (9/2000) - Philip sent an update

I was born in Barmouth. We moved to the states when I was six months old. For my 50th birthday, I made my first trip to my homeland. The experience was magical. During my stay in Barmouth I met some very wonderful folks. Among them were Ray & Angie Chamberlain. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with them, I would really appreciate if you would send this information along. - Philip

David and Sarah Tibbets (9/2000) - Some news about relatives and our family tree!

Annwyl/Dear John,

I know a gentleman who is related to yourself, Ivor Evans.  Ivor's mother and your grandfather were brother and sister.  Ivor has been busy finding out about his family tree and has traced back to 1800.  He had heard about your web page from a man in Barmouth who had logged onto it and as Ivor is not connected to the web (yet!!), could you please send any us information about your family.  On finding your email address we would like to help you make contact or help with any  enquiries to what information you want.  Please could you send us  your  web address and we will give the information to Ivor.

Diolch yn fawr iawn am eich help.  O! mae eich nain, Dilys Simpson, o 3 Marine Gardens yn cofio atoch. - David and Sarah Tibbets

Martin Elmar (9/2000) - sent me the following sad news as well as a new author to add to the list

Dear John, Thanks for the update. Two Items!..

1) I am sorry to tell you that Ozzie Evans died a week last Tuesday, his funeral was conducted last Wednesday by the new Rector who had been inducted the night before. As I said before, I have his old shop. He was 86 when he finally retired.

2) On a brighter note, for the Literary Page,  'The Cuckoos Parting Cry', was written by Anthea Minter under the pen name of Anthea Halliwell. A fictional tale of life in Moravon (Barmouth) in the 1930's seen through the eyes of an inquisitive 8 yr old. Anthea lived in Bontddu for a period and has just moved back into Barmouth. It is the area from Dolgarrog (Dolgellau) to Moravon in which the action----adultery, deception, murder takes place. Along side this there is exploration of some interesting houses (and their occupants) along the estuary. An easy read with familiar chords for those with nostalgic links to the area - Martin

Phillip duPre (6/2000) - Received new message from Phillip -

John, the new improved website for Barmouth is really nice. Good job! A little omission, there was no mention of the Tal-y-Don. Okay, the hotel isn't the best, but adequate for travelers. (It was clean, but not exciting. I feel it is fair to add that my 5 years in the Peace Corps Honduras, 1987-1991 taught me to stay in un-imaginabley bad hotels. Tal-y-Don was not bad) However, under your link for public houses, there was no mention that the Tal-y-Don probably has the best pub in Barmouth, certainly the most popular. You do the proprieters an injustice by not mentioning it. In fact, I spent four nights in that bar, and found it to be one of the best in Britain. I would still like to get in touch with Ray & Angie Chamberlain. He in an electrical contractor in Barmouth, She does ladies' hair in her home. These were some of the nicest folks I met in Wales. The Welsh are the nicest people in the World. Anyway, if you can find them for me I would appreciate it immensely. Have a good trim in December. If you need some photos, I could send you some good ones by mail. Peace, Phillip

Adrian Owen (6/2000) - Received this message from Adrian recently - "My name is Adrian Owen. I was born in Barmouth in 1944. I lived originally in a flat over the Midland Bank in the High Street until we moved to a house called "GWYNANT" in Water St. square, just off the Main Square (near the "BUFFS" Club, which was the White Cinema when I lived there). 

I went to school at YSGOL ARDUDWY in HARLECH where I left to join the RAF in 1962. After 17 months in the RAF I transferred to the Special Air Service Regiment with whom I served till I was wounded in Aden and medically discharged in 1968. Upon leaving military service I decided on a total change of career, so I became a professional musician playing guitar with groups, mostly from Liverpool, until 1979. In December of 1979 a friend of mine and I opened a Music Shop in Chester, where we still are to this present day. 

A couple of weeks ago I met an old school mate from Barmouth for the first time in over 35 years. He is Ian Smith who used to live above The CEYLON Cafe in the High St. It was brilliant to see him again after all these years. He now works for an American company in Singapore, although he has made Los Angeles his home for the past 20 years. I would be made up to hear from any other Barmouth EX - PATS, especially people from approx my time in Barmouth. If there are any out there on the NET please get in touch via email"

Owain Peredur Griffith (3/2000) - I received a very interesting message from Owain as follows:

"Dear John, I don't know whether you would know my family or not. I myself  left Barmouth a number of years ago and have only recently come back. For me its such a shame that most of the old or "hen pobol" Bermo have either left or died.

I found it interesting that you said you lived at 3, Heol y- Llan. My family and I only lived down the road from you. We lived at 56 Heol-y-Llan. My family surname is Griffith, my other names being Owain Peredur. You will probably know my eldest brother Richard James, or my other brother Arfon Wyn. I'm one of five local boys, with the other two brothers called Gerallt Morgan and Thomas Meirion.

My father was called Richard James otherwise known as Dick Bach y Signalman. He was a railway signalman for British Rail and before that G.W.R. He worked at both signal boxes. Barmouth North (no longer there) and Barmouth South (no longer there).

My mother was from Tal-y-Bont and was called Eira Wyn. She lived on Pontfadog farm, up by the Cors-y-Gedol in Tal-y-Bont. My family historical connections go back a long way indeed. My grand father was called Griffith Griffiths, who was the local band master of the Barmouth silver coronation band, which, of course no longer exists. He was also the local choir master of the Barmouth male voice choir and the first choir master of St Johns church.

In addition to all that Griffith Griffith was the coxswain of the Barmouth lifeboat in his earlier days as well as a local fisherman. All of this was before the turn of the 20th century and during the previous 219th cent. They lived as a family in what is now the lifeboat museum, the house then was called Pen Y Cei.

Anyhow just a brief family history if you should wish to use it in any way on your web site then please feel free to do so. I sure would like to hear from you, soon and if I can help you in any way with the history of Barmouth then I would gladly assist in any way that I can. All the Best for now and I hope you are successful in your research of Barmouth.

I don't know whether you speak welsh or not but it is my first language (Iaith cyntaf), so you can write to me in either language. Perhaps you can enlighten me on some of my own family history. I would be very inerested to know if you know my family. Please write back soon - PEREDUR.

Dave Linton (9/99) - I received the following message from David - "John I've been looking at your Barmouth pages since last February when we decided to move there - I think you've done a great job on them.

I was born in Colwyn Bay in 1946 and left because of work in 1968. Now that I've left full-time employment I've been able to achieve a long-held ambition to move back nearer the mountains (I've lived in Suffolk for thelast 20 years). We moved in at the end of May and are now more or less settled in. Because it's quite an old house (300 years plus) I've started to try and trace its history, and I'm writing to you in case you happen to know anything aboutit, or know anyone who might be able to help me.

The house is Hendre Coed Uchaf, Llanaber. From what you say about the view from your home and your favourite haunt being "the Peak" you may remember the place yourself. It's the farmhouse visible on the skyline above Llanaber, directly in front of you when you're on the Harlech road outside the entrance to Hendre Mynach Campsite. It's more or less level with the cairn on top of "the Peak".

From looking at various records associated with the purchase, I've been able to discover that the house was at one time owned by David Ellis Davis, who was a JP, a county councilor and chairman of the Barmouth Urban District Council. He died in 1948. I've been into Dolgellau records office to see what they've got there and plan to spend some more time there in the not too distant future. Another item of interest is the graffiti on the windowsills of the house - there's the name Hugh Pugh Lewis and the initials RL and WEL, the WEL has the year 1920 by it.

So, if you know anything about the house or anyone associated with it, or anything about the names I mention above, I'd be very interested to hear from you. In fact I'd be interested in anything you care to say about Barmouth whether connected with the house or not. Finally, you say in your pages "... there is a cairn on top of the peak to which you can add your own personal stone. My name was carved on my personal stone back in 1958 or so. I wonder if it's still there? Let me know if you make the trek." I haven't actually been to the cairn yet, although I've walked over the hill behind it serveral times when walking to and from Barmouth. I'll try and get up there sometime and see if there's any sign of it - I'll let you know when I've done that."

John Western (9/99) - John wrote me as follows - "Dear John, this is a short letter in reply to having just read your pages regarding my favourite place on earth... All my life (all 23 years of it) I have been visiting Barmouth either once or twice a year just to get my fix. And a holiday. I know the place like the back of my hand, and during the mid-months of 1998 - I had decided to live there... I had managed to contact a friend of a friend thus setting me up with accomodation. This happened to be up on Dinas Oleu Road, in a place called Sea-View Terrace, which had been bought and then renovated (or in the process of..), the owner was Ian Wrightson. A person I still can't thank enough for having me stay... And along with him where the merry men which consisted of - Steve Morris (part time Fireman), Mickey Thomas (the roofer), and last but not least, one of my then best friends BERNIE COX - who lived in one of the cottages on the rock... I wish I could've stayed but I had opportunities back here in the Midlands. Never mind.. As well as this, I am glad to see that you are a fellow musician, for I myself am a songwriter/guitar player and I am also in the process of writing my first 'proper' novel - in which my love for Barmouth and the experiences I've had there throughout my life play a great part... 

Martin (7/99)  - Congratulations, an excellent page. You asked for suggestions and extra facts so here goes Lewis Lloyd (deceased) was Dr. rather than Mr. Aspinals bazaar no longer exists I've lived here 15 yrs and never heard of "The Queens" as a pub , maybe you are thinking of the Royal Hotel now renamed Harleys. I owned St.Annes restaurant (opposite Woolworths) but sold it and have taken the lease on "Ozzies" shop in Beach Rd., it's now called 'Over The Rainbow' and sells interesting and unusual items for the home-----Novel but practical. Hopefully your passion for the area brings you home from time to time, do call in on your next visit. Again a brilliant advert for Barmouth - thanks a lot!

Bob Harrison (11/98) - wrote - Just browsed through your very fine web site. I spent almost three years in Barmouth from 1977 to 80 where I finished serving my apprenticeship as a joiner. I am from ( lymm in cheshire ) originally but I am sure you wont hold that against me . I have very fond memories of those years. I now live in Vancouver BC but I left my heart in Barmouth. Actually it was stolen by Gill Harvey ( local girl ) but that is another story.

Steve Elmy (10/98) wrote - "Hi John. What a great web site you've created for Barmouth, it brought back so many memories of my time living there. We lived in Barmouth from 1965-74 and I attended Ysgol Ardudwy from 1969-74. I'll contact you again soon with my story and some old photos of friends and Barmouth.

John Morris (8/98) - John contacted me in 1998 and it was great to hear from him - quote " Hi John, Perhaps you might remember me, John Morris, son of Peggy Morris, the Greengrocers in the Arches Bar. Often wondered where some of the Barmouth lads have vanished to".

Judith Lewis (6/98) - Dear John, I don't think I actually know you, however I did spent my formative years in Barmouth which I am forced to agree is a very beautiful place ! I have just gone 'on line' and was very surprised to see so many entries relating to it. I am Judith Lewis. My mother, grandmother, sister (Jackie Morris) and my youngest brother Sam still live there. my other brother, David (Dafydd), has been there recently, but is now in Brighton.

Steve Brooks (6/1998) - Dear John, Saw your piece in 'Knowhere', about Barmouth. I used to live in Barmouth, from 1963 to 1968. I lived with my folks and little sister in a house on the Quay, and attended Ysgol Ardudwy up until 1970. We moved up the road to Talybont in 1968, where my folks stayed until 1984 - when they moved to Church Stretton in Shropshire. I don't know if you are of my generation, or whether we would know the same people. If you think we might, e-mail me back.

8th July - Just got your e-mail. Also, just had a look at your Barmouth web site. Very well-presented, and certainly very comprehensive. I realise you're just a little bit older than me. I attended Ysgol Ardudwy from 1963 to 1970. You may, however, remember my uncle, Martin Griffiths, who would have been in the Sixth Form about the same time you were. He was rather unusual in that he was in his 20s when he attended the Sixth Form, having spent some time living in America. I remember he absolutely refused to wear the school cap and had a bit of an argument with 'Pop' Evans over it. Shortly after this, school caps were finally dispensed with at Ysgol Ardudwy!

John Jones (6/98) - Hello John, I have just been reading your comments re barmouth on www.Knowhere.co.uk. You asked if anybody from Barmouth would care to get in touch. Well, let me introduce myself. My name is John Jones and I am originally form Dolgellau, but have lived in Barmouth for the last 5 to 6 years. I'm married with 2 lovely children and I run two businesses in the town. One, as a driving instructor and the other supplying driving books to other instructors via mail-order. I agree with you, Barmouth is a beautiful town set in a fantastic location. I have lived in London, Australia for 12 months but I couldn't wait to get back to see Barmouth bridge, the estuary and the Cader range. If you require any specific info or have a spare five minutes you are welcome to e-mail me.

Andy Davis (11/97) - Message from Andy read - "Hi, Nice site. I lived in Barmouth from 66 to 75 (I remember the "Welsh" girl went down near Penmaenmawr bridge the week we arrived), and I remember many of the names you mentioned from Barmouth. My father's name was Peter Davis, and he played jazz in the Marine around this time, as well as running the Decorating Supplies shop in Belle View Arches, and worked with Bermo Arts, with whom my mother, Jeanne Davis also sang operettas.

I'm now in Aberystwyth, but still return to climb the peak and show my son the old haunts like the square well and the caves behind St Johns."

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