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People - 2001

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The "remembered" section of this site (see links above)lists people who are particularly remembered by the author or others who may contribute from time to time. When available, biographical information and photographs are added. Contributions are welcomed. The other sections reference the year when emails were sent to me (John Pugh) by people who once lived in or in the vicinity of Barmouth. They are organized by the year in which the email was received.

Name Date of e-mail Comments (linked)

Peter Davies December, 2001 It's a long time since we have seen or heard from each other....
Beryl Farricker December, 2001 I used to live in Dyffryn,living in Manchester now....
Jago Rushton December, 2001 I just wanted to let you know how much I like the site....
Philip Pullman December, 2001 John - very good to hear from you. I've looked at your Barmouth site....
Michael Kay November, 2001 I discovered your web site about a year ago and really enjoyed it..
Victor and Lynne Biddle November, 2001 John, I see you remember the bubble car....
Paul Brown November, 2001 What a great web page, a bit overwhelming from a memory point of view...
David Watson November, 2001 John, Just seen your website and tickled pink...
Peter Rees November, 2001 John - Good to hear from you - Mum and Dad said they had seen you..
Sbardun November, 2001 It's great to be in touch after all these years.
Rhian Munford (Evans) November, 2001 John, Got your details from Margaret Jennings...
Margaret Jennings November, 2001 Hi John, I don't know whether you will remember me...
William Owen October, 2001 Just been told about your web site...
John Jones Sept, 2001 I remember you and your family well - we lived at 38 Heol-y-Llan...
Barbara Landkauf Sept, 2001 I lived in Barmouth from 1967 to 1976 (at Hendre Hall)....
Michael Howard Sept, 2001 I lived in Barmouth in 1965 and 1966....
Anne and Ifan Jones Sept, 2001 Annwyl John, Newydd fod yn darllen rhan o dy waith - gwych!!...
Pam Blue Sept, 2001 I lived in Barmouth from 1951 until 1957 when my parents..
Peter Holcroft Aug, 2001 I lived in Barmouth until about 1977, but still visit several times a year. ..
David Robinson April, 2001 I lived in Barmouth from my date of birth in 1964 until 1984 when I left to....
Peter Thompson Feb, 2001 I haven't looked at your site for some while but it came up on a search recently..
Gwilym Williams Jan, 2001 My name is Gwilym Williams and I used to live in Barmouth about 7 years ago..

Peter Davies (Dec/2001) - Good to hear from Peter - remember the red guitar?

Hello John, It's a long time since we have seen or heard from each other. Its your old mate Pete Davies! I was talking to Vic Biddle and he gave me your email address. There is a school reunion taking place at St. Davids Hotel in Harlech though I dont know the exact date yet - I'm sure you have probably heard about it. Its great to be able to get in touch like this, let me know if you are going to be able to make it over here because it would be nice to see you after all this time.
Happy New Year, Pete Davies

Beryl Farricker (Dec/2001) - A Dyffryn Ardudwy past resident

Hi John, This is Beryl Farricker (nee Williams). I used to live in Dyffryn - living in Manchester now. I got your web side through my daughter who lives in London and is working with a guy from Barmouth - small world ? I visit Barmouth every weekend to visit my mother at "Llys Meirion" - Beryl

Jago Rushton (Dec/2001) - Some common threads with another Barmouth past resident

Hello John, My name is Jago Rushton. I just wanted to let you know how much I like the site.
Up until a few years ago, I had lived in Barmouth all my life, (I'm now 27). I played Football for Barmouth's 1st team and I lived a couple of houses along from Panorama Hill. My Mother and Father still live there, as do most of my Father's side of the family. I dont know if you know of them. (Heath and Sandra Rushton, my Grandad's name was Syd Rushton, He was good friends with Cliff Probert). Kind Regards, Jago

Philip Pullman (Dec/2001) - Hearing from Philip brings back happy memories of Ysgol Ardudwy, Shakespeare plays and Miss Enid Jones who made it such fun.

John - very good to hear from you. I've looked at your Barmouth site and found links to various old friends already - terrific! I remember Cliff Probert and Davy Jones's Locker, and Nye Evans, and your link to the St Peter's church site in Llanbedr brought up another old friend whom I hadn't thought about for thirty years. Amazing.

Michael Kay (Nov/2001) - Michael played 'Oberon' in A Midsummer Night's Dream'(Ysgol Ardudwy)

I discovered your web site about a year ago and really enjoyed it, I think that most people who have lived in the area are aware of the site. By the way, I think that your recent photographs show that your son Mark is the spitting image of how I remember you! I didn't go to Barmouth primary, we used to live in Bontddu so I went to school there. I had a choice of Dolgellau or Harlech after the 11+ and as my parents worked in Barmouth I went to Harlech. My father, George was in partnership with Cliff Probert in the early sixties and they started first a shop called Art Gifts in Cambrian Street and then the Bwthyn Bermo pottery together with a shop opposite what used to be Dr. May's surgery and next to the Cambrian Establishment (still empty last time I visited). We'd moved to Glandwr by this time. Although it's more than 30 years since I lived in Barmouth I still can't walk down the street without people stopping to chat every few yards. It's a unique place and I have this dream that maybe I'll return to live there one day. Yes, I was in the school plays, the first one being Midsummer Nights Dream when I was Oberon, I think you were Bottom! I was also in some of the plays at the Dragon theatre that Eirlys directed though I haven't a clue what they were called. The only person that I still keep in touch with occasionally from your year at school is Shan Owen. She goes back to Barmouth quite a lot (and hasn't changed at all!). Good luck and best wishes, Michael Kay.

Victor and Lynne Biddle (Nov/2001) - Victor played in a band at a school concert!

John, I see you remember the bubble car. Peter Davies is still around. I will tell him I have made contact with you if I bump into him. John Webb is a doctor at a practice in Criccieth. John Foxwell has sold the shop and now has a small farm top of Llanbedr. We have rented the Pub (Wayside Inn, Llanaber)out so we are semi-retired for now. We have two kids Gavin - works in London in the Movie buisness.Sara works in Birmingham in private banking. Good to talk, Vic & Lynne

Paul Brown (Nov/2001) - Custard Slurper Extraordinaire!

John, What a great web page, a bit overwhelming from a memory point of view. Every time I eat a custard tart, (which can be microwaved to correct temperature and consistency for 'imminent slurping'), memories of those days from a different time seem very close. I'm still in London, an architect and yes, an occasional guitarist (mainly in the bedroom these days). I try to play keyboards and have a basic cubase set-up on a Macintosh computer.

I eventually married and have three boys, William 7, Alexander 6 and Christian 3. You can imagine what a shock it is to see on ' Friends' how many grandparents went to school with me - what happened to all the years?. My wife Ana who is from Brazil and an architect before becoming a mum, loves to run (marathon type). The boys love football and martial arts Will is brown belt judo and Alex blue, both have started karate now and Christian starts jodo after Christmas. As a result of all this activity I have taken up Judo again and apart from the pain it feels like a real achievement to push back a few years. We are in Palm Springs every year to visit my aunt , so a short diversion is not out of the question. I will obviously be up for any reunion. Keep in touch John and my please send my fondest regards to your family,

David Watson (Nov/2001) - A classmate from my Ysgol Ardudwy days!

John, Just seen your website and tickled pink.We were in the same year at Ysgol Ardudwy, I seem to remember you specialising in music and once taking the train to Penrhyn for some piano exam in the mid 1960s. What are you up to nowadays-are you into music full time? Happy memories.

I see that you are in touch with several old Ysgol Ardudwy (YA) people now including Maureen Ellis, with whom I seem to remember you having the most extraordinary conversation with once in the sixth form!You must have done 'A' level physics with me with old Jackie Cartwright who kept a reign of terror/hilarity in the class. I had the radio on the other day and they played Mendelsohn's Midsummer Night's Dream which brought back memories of a production at YA in which I think you played Bottom the Weaver, or was it Puck? Will you be able to come on the 20th April- it will be so weird to walk through the old school with old colleagues again.

I have spent most of my working life involved in secondary and further education in the North Wales/ Merseyside area, either teaching or in college administration.I have been married for 25 years and have two grown up children.I suppose my biggest adventure was going to darkest Africa some
years ago to try and recover some of my investments at a time when it was difficult to extract ones money from these places.There is a nice website on Penrhyn now, rather on the lines of yours on Barmouth.Do you remember Hugh Roberts who I think was from Barmouth and in our year. Best wishes, David Watson

Peter Rees (Nov/2001) - A friend and neighbour from my Ysgol Ardudwy days!

John - Good to hear from you - Mum and Dad said they had seen you, we have just recently come back from taking them to France for a few days, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Very impressed by the Web site - I didn't realise how much I had forgotten! I have a vague recollection of last speaking to you on the promenade somewhere near the Bath-House, I think you were with IBM at the time.

Janice and I live just outside Colchester in the village of Tiptree (famous for Strawberry Jam!) Our son Andrew (23) qualified as a Mechanical Engineer last year and is working with a local firm who sponsored his last year in Uni. I look forward to the chance of catching up with you at the re-union. Best wishes, Peter

Alun Hughes (sbardun) (Nov/2001) - Good to hear from Ysgol Ardudwy friends

Hey John, Thanks for replying so promptly - it's great to be in touch after all these years.
I remember all those names you mention so clearly - Pete Davies' parents kept a hotel didn't they? What was it called? There's so much to talk about - what about your story? And your family? Tell me more!!!!
I've lived in Cardiff more or less since I left school, and I can't see us moving now. Gwenno, my wife, is deputy head teacher in a school in Barry. Oh, yes, and do you know who lives across the road? Our old Geography teacher with his (youngest) son Iwan Morris - We often talk about the old days, like a couple of good old boys!!!!! Hey that's enough of my ranting, I hope we talk again soon,
Alun Hughes (Spardun)

Rhian Munford (Evans) (Nov/2001) - A friend from my Ysgol Ardudwy days!

John, Got your details from Margaret Jennings. You will hear from her soon, no doubt. I think she is planning a reunion of our school year. I am living in the Scottish Borders in Berwick-upon-Tweed with my husband and youngest son who will shortly be off to France for a season's skiing. My eldest son is a senior marketing manager with B.T. You can see what my husband does from the website: http://www.nbn.org.uk

Margaret Jennings (Nov/2001) - Margaret is planning a re-union for 1960-1967 Ysgol Ardudwy

Hi John, I don't know whether you will remember me but I was known as 'Jennings'[Margaret] 30 years ago!!!!!! I am trying to arrange a reunion for all those who went to Ardudwy. Sept.1960 - Sbardun contacted me 2 weeks ago and we both fancied the idea so this week I have contacted-Watson;Bo Bo; KenP;Harry Edwards;Rhian Evans,Pud- to name a few.Sbardun has contacted Bruin. Pat your cousin gave me your email address and I hope you can help me to contact Josie Griffin please?So far the chats over the phone and emails have been very rewarding and I do hope that a reunion will be held at Harlech early next year .Fancy attending???? I would love to hear from you John - your name has been mentioned a few times this week. All the best for now, Mags  

William Henry Owen (Oct/2001) - A fellow student bus conductor! Just been told about your web site and realised when I opened it that I worked with your father when I was at college. Bus conducting in those days was very lucrative. Llew and Goronwy Morris both worked in the same period. Of course their father worked with with Crosville. I left Ardudwy in 1963. I also remember your grandfather after he retired and before then. Something tells me that he was related to my father. My father had a Pugh in his name. We lived in Dyffryn. John (Hendreclochydd) told me about your web site and I am very impressed. I work in BBC Information Wales and have access to the computer all day long! I thought you might be interested to know that somebody somewhere had appreciated your work. Regards William Henry Owen Ardudwy 1956 - 1963

John Jones (Sept/2001) - Always nice to hear from people who knew my family.

Hello John Pugh,  I found your Barmouth web site really fascinating and thought I might contribute to your pages. I remember you and your family well – we lived at 38 Heol y Llan until we moved to Princes Avenue in 1962. Everyone in Barmouth knew my dad as Terry Manweb… maybe you remember him riding his bike from the estate to/from work every morning and evening at about the time the kids would be walking to/from the school train. He died this passed July after a long illness. My mother, Megan, worked as a housekeeper for Bert and Nancy Jones, Parkfield, Park Road – and old Mr Parry the blacksmith (Nancy’s father). For many years she worked at Lewis’s Tobacconist (next door to Ozzie Evans shop under Christ Church school room) and still has a morning job at the Beehive despite being into her seventies. My brother Tony is closer to your age. He’s an orthopaedic surgeon in Liverpool, his family growing up rapidly! 

My grandfather, Sam Jones, grew up in Ty Gwyn on the quay – through him my family roots in Barmouth go back a couple of hundred years. He and my grandmother used to live in “Old Barmouth” – in Meon Cottage and in Greenbank – before they moved into 11 Marine Road. My grandmother took in sewing for many Barmouth folk, and because she’d been trained as a baker and confectioner she used to makes cakes for people… At Christmas time I remember dozens of people dropping off the ingredients for “mince pies”… She’d start baking them by the score at the beginning of December and Tony and I would deliver them all over town. 

I’m a frequent visitor to Barmouth – more so in the last years since my father took ill and since my mother has been widowed. My generation at Ysgol Ardudwy – from 1967 to 1974, include Michael Tyson (who went to live in South Africa) Ann Slater, Nerys Griffith, Carys Williams (Min y Mor), Chris Jones (whose parents had the pet shop) Richard Williams (whose dad had been the bar man at the RAOB club), Neil Brading (whose parents ran the Harlequin Restaurant by the Pavilion cinema), Anita Jones, Elizabeth Nolan, Michael Evans, the Lismore twins, Steven Morris (his dad worked in the Manweb show room)… I’m not in touch with any of these people now, but I still hear snippets of news about them from time to time. I think that’s about enough for now. Best wishes, John Sam Jones  

Barbara Landkauf (Sept/2001) - Barbara arrived in Barmouth as I was leaving for Cardiff. Thanks for writing Barbara!

Hello John,  I was very pleased to find your web site and would like to be included on this site. I lived in Barmouth from 1967 to 1976 (at Hendre Hall) and have a lot of nice memories of Barmouth and my school days in Harlech. Presently I live in Germany. Best regards from the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), Barbara Landkauf (married Wilfried Melchior)  

Anne and Ifan Jones (Sept/2001) - Ifan sent this message, one of the few I have received in welsh (translation provided)

Annwyl John, Newydd fod yn darllen rhan o dy waith - gwych!! Fe oedd lluniau o'r tren stem yn dod ac atgofion yn ol pan yr oeddwn ni yn teithio i Ysgol Ardudwy o'r gogledd. Wyt ti'n cofio y "carrages" lle nad oedd corridor, llefydd gwych i wneud dryga!! Ychydig y meddyliais y byddwn yn ol yn Ardudwy mewn byr amser fel athro ac yn aros yno am 30 mlynedd, a dod i adnobod Pop, Huw John Hughes, Green, Jacky Cartwright ac yn ymlaen fel cyd weithwyr nid fel athrawon oed yn arfer !!!****. Rhaid dod i derfyn nawr, Diolch unwaith eto, Ifan 


" The pictures of the Steam Train brought back memories from when I used to travel to Ysgol Ardudwy from the north. Do you remember the "Carriages" where there was no corridor - fine places to make mischief! Little did I think that I would be back in Ardudwy in so short a time and as a teacher, remaining there for 30 years and getting to know Pop, Huw John Hughes, Green, Jacky Cartwright etc.- as fellow workers not like teachers I knew. Must finish now, Thank you once again, Ifan. "

Pam Blue (Sept/2001) - Pam was another past resident of Barmouth

Hi John, 

Found your website quite by accident and found it fascinating! I lived in Barmouth from 1951 until 1957 when my parents moved to Swansea. I'm a Morris from Abermaw Terrace, eldest grandchild of 'Fan' and Lulu Morris of Brynawelon. My Dad is Cyril Morris, Cambrian Coast League ref in the 50's and M.A.N.W.E.B. employee. We left Barmouth before I would have gone to Ysgol Ardudwy which was a shame because I always wanted to go to school on the train! Fond memories of Barmouth Primary though and especially W D Williams, Miss Jones Bontddu, Mrs Jones Roseneath and my 'Auntie' Millie who was Headmistress at that time. Does anyone remember how she used to clang her hand bell in perfect time as we all marched in? So many memories!! 

We lived in 31 Heol-y-Llan and I always played in Daley's woods and in the 'buildings' when the new flats were being built at the back of Heol-y-Llan facing the prom! If any of my school friends are still living there and are on-line I'd love to hear from them. Loved the website too and the next time my Dad visits me I'm going to show him all the snippets he's missed out on! - Pam Blue (formerly Morris) 

Peter Holcroft (Aug/2001) - I remember Peter from my school days and he was kind enough to write

Good evening John I have just stumbled on your web page by accident. I too was born in the maternity home in the main street - a couple of years after you (they still haven't put the blue plaque up though). I lived in Barmouth until about 1977, but still visit several times a year. I lived in Ty Mynach (almost across the road from the Tir Craig Castle), later moving to 'Y Bryn' near St Johns Church. My father was the Cambrian News reporter (Merlin) for many years. I too have fond memories of WD Williams, 'Pop' Evans and the many other excellent staff members at both Barmouth Primary and Ysgol Ardudwy. Do you remember 'Miss Owen' (actually Mrs Jones Bryn Peris)?. Her husband was a conductor with Crosville. I met her again only a couple of years ago. She still looks as young, and is still as alert as she ever was. I can still remember all the teachers from Barmouth Primary mentioned on your page - and lets not forget Mr Hughes and 'Peanose' Parry. 

Even though I did not exactly excel academically at the time, I still consider myself fortunate to have attended those two schools - great people and great days! It makes me sad to see Barmouth now. Gone are the 'Ozzie' Powells, Potters, Formstone and Joneses, Stredders, Catherwoods and 'Will Cash and Carrys' (to name but a few) of our youth - and the town is poorer place without them. I walk down the main street now without recognising anybody. It was a great place to grow up. I struggled up to the Peak recently. The path from Mynach Road up past Elephant Rock is now entirely in woodland right up to the base of the Peak itself. The only school friends that I am still in regular contact with are the Hunters from Llys Mynach. John now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are ever up visiting your parents please let me know and we can meet for a pint. Regards to all who read this and may remember me. My Email address is peterjholcroft@cwcom.net Peter Holcroft 

David Robinson (April/2001) - Another past resident from the 60's 

Hi John,

I stumbled over your Barmouth Website over the weekend and thought I'd drop you a brief note. I lived in Barmouth from my date of birth in 1964 until 1984 when I left to seek my fortune !! Needless to say I am still seeking. I was brought up at 50 Heol-y-Llan the younger son of Peter and Beryl Robinson. My Father was a Chartered Accountant who had Offices above Barclays Bank and then virtually opposite Finch's sweetshop, the name of the street escapes me. Virtually throughout my childhood and teens I was known as "Dipper" but that nickname went with my teenage years. My elder brother is Michael who is about 10 years my senior. He was known as "Ted" through the 60's and probably mid 70's. I attended Ysgol Ardudwy from 1976 to 1981 and then a further year at Coleg Merionydd before starting work for Customs & Excise in 1982. I am still employed by the said Department and also have a small Football Programme business which I run from our home hear in Poynton, Cheshire. Well I can't think of anything else to write at the moment so I will close by wishing you all the best in life and with your fine website. Best Wishes, David Robinson

Peter Thompson (Feb/2001) - Peter adds some historical data - thanks!

I remember we exchanged messages, probably a few years ago, about the history of Barmouth - or at least some aspects of it. I haven't looked at your site for some while but it came up on a search recently. I just thought you might like to correct the date for the construction of the bridge which was 1867. Also, the original structure had a drawbridge, where a section of the bridge was winched back onto the northern side of the bridge. This was before the swing bridge was inserted in 1901. 

Regarding Ty Gwyn. It is indeed the oldest known historic building in the town and one of the oldest in the region. It dates from some time in the 1460's and was built by Gruffudd Vaughan of Cors y Gedol in Dyffryn Ardudwy, it is said as a safe house to meet supporters of the future Henry VII. There are, of course two ways of looking at its change of use into a cafe and haven for the youngsters of Barmouth (and how such a facility is needed today!). If there was a bit of a fuss then (when exactly?) there is barely a whimper at the continued erosion of the towns' historic fabric. I remember talking to Lewis Lloyd a few years ago and he felt the same way in that if we don't demonstrate that we care for our past all signs of it will be gone. You might be interested to learn that some £130,000 is to be spent shortly on improving the Quay - I wonder if it will have the same qualities that you so rightly portray in your website after the work has finished - lets hope so. I am just putting together a website on Barmouth's Heritage and surrounds and there will be another site launched soon by the Publicity Association as  a tourist info site so the town is going to get a bit more publicity. Keep up the good work Regards, Peter Thompson

Gwilym Williams (Jan/2001) - Nice to hear from Gwilym. I remember the Mermaid very well!

Hello, I don't know if you remember me. My name is Gwilym Williams and I used to live in Barmouth about 7 years ago. Nice site you have built here. I see that 'Predure' has sent an email to you. I remember him when I was a young lad but have not seen him for many years now. I used to work in the 'Mermaid' Fish and Chip shop with Kevin Edwards but now I live in Birmingham. All the best.......... Gwilym Williams.( I'm usually in 'freeserve cafe' in the IT room with the name oeN. Bye!)

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