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People - 2002

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The "remembered" section of this site (see links above)lists people who are particularly remembered by the author or others who may contribute from time to time. When available, biographical information and photographs are added. Contributions are welcomed. The other sections reference the year when emails were sent to me (John Pugh) by people who once lived in or in the vicinity of Barmouth. They are organized by the year in which the email was received.

Name Date of e-mail Comments (linked)

Susan Russell (Field) February, 2002 My name is Susan Russell (previously Field). My father is Richard Field....
John Rees February, 2002 My nostalgia quotient (NQ), went sky high....
Graham Pickton January, 2002 Martin Williams told me about your web site some time ago....
Janie Tomlinson January, 2002 I read your site with interest....

Susan Russell (Feb/2002) - Susan lived in Llanaber

My name is Susan Russell, maiden name Field. My father is Richard Field from Llanaber, son of Ellen Field (deceased) of Tainewyddion. My mother is Eirlys Field (Hughes), daughter of Jack & Annie Hughes of 64 Heol y Llan, Barmouth.I grew up in Llanaber until I was six years old, then Dad moved jobs to Aberystwyth, but I spent every weekend with Nain in Llanaber and my aunts in Penrhiw. Eirlys Jones, my aunt, worked for the solicitor Mr Rowlands. My heart is in Barmouthwhich I really miss. At present I travel the country with my husband who is in the forces. Dad and my brothers have still got the houses in Llanaber and we visit as often as possiblethree children. Hwyl, John

John Rees (Feb/2002) - John and I were Crosville bus conductors

Dear John, My nostalgia quotient (NQ), went sky high when I recently discovered your excellent web site. Not only that, it looks like we are just round the corner from you once again, American scale this time. We probably have lots to talk about but my fingers might go raw if I try on this machine. I have ended up at UNCG after academic stints in Texas and Syracuse. I also have three children. Hwyl, John

Graham Pickton (Feb/2002) - Another Crosville Link..

Dear John, Martin Williams told me about your web site some time ago and I looked at it with considerable interest. Unfortunately, inertia has ruled but I hope you will still find the following of some interest.

I am not a native of Barmouth but have spent a good few years here. For the last seventeen years I have been living in Llanaber (Swn-y-Mor - do you know it?) but I was also here from 1939 to 1948, having been privately evacuated. We lived in "Ambleside" from the beginning of 1942, the end of a terrace of three houses at the top of the hill, coming into Barmouth, from Aberamffra harbour. Before that we were in Fairbourne and Barmouth Junction, as it was then called. I went to the County School, finishing in the summer of 1945, before starting at UCW Aberystwyth to do an honours degree in geology. Like you, I needed a source of cash and I also rather fancied a job as a bus conductor. So I was very pleasantly surprised when Will Meirion called at the house with a message from Mr. E.R. Edwards ("Evan bach"), asking if I was interested. I was off like a shot! I worked that summer and the following three summers,finally handing in my bag and punch, with a heavy heart, at the end of the 1948 season.

This was before toastracks came to Barmouth, while the idea that double-deckers might appear some day seemed very far-fetched! The best buses, in my time, were the KA's (Leyland Tigers). We only ever had two - KA42 and KA139. It was always a pleasure to travel in them. The worst were the B's, noisy and uncomfortable. But whatever the bus, I can honestly say that, in many ways, it was the most enjoyable job I have ever had. Admittedly, it wasn't the best paid! I look back on those days with a great deal of nostalgia. It was like belonging to a club, with a great sense of camaraderie. Although I also greatly enjoyed my time at Aber, I used to look forward impatiently to the start of the summer. I knew both your father and your grand father well. I think your parents got married during that period and I remember being envious of Emlyn marrying such a good-looking girl. I can see Guto as though it were yesterday, peaked cap jauntily tilted to one side.

Do you, by any chance, have a copy of a photograph of the staff taken in 1948? (Webmaster's note: yes I do - see the following link:
crosville_staff.htm) It was arranged by me and Ned Edwards (E R. Edwards son, who still lives in the family home in Llanaber, "Bod Gwilym". It was difficult to get everyone together and we finally made it on a Sunday morning. This is why Bob Jones wouldn't put his uniform on! The bus which forms the background is KA139. I am the fifth from the left in the back row. Sadly, many of those in the picture are no longer with us. Apart from me, Ned Bod Gwilym is still going strong(now known as Ted), Stan Corps is now in sheltered accomodation in the town and Jack Hughes was still O.K. last time I saw him. If you have got the photograph you will note the tilt on your grandfather's hat! I expect your father has got a copy. I am not state-of-the-art here and do not possess a scanner (yet) so I can't send one.

They were very happy days and I remain very grateful indeed for the friendship and the help that I was given.The experience gave me a good start in life and I was proud to belong to such a group of friends, Yours sincerely, Graham Pickton

Janie Tomlinson (Jan/2002) - Janie worked with my mother in Barmouth

Dear John, I read your site with interest. I am Janie Tomlinson (Nee Trick), grand daughter of the late Dennis Lloyd (Lloyds Stores opposite Josie Griffin's place). I am married to Michael, one of the five great grandchildren of the late David Ellis Davies as mentioned by Dave Linton ( 9/99 ). David Ellis Davies also owned Bryn Mynach (latterly Tower House School), Gors-y-Gedol Hall, The White Cinema & The Green Garage among others.

I also note with interest some names I have not heard for years - Aneurin, Pam, Michael Kay. I met Adrian some years ago at Dolgellau Hospital . I left Barmouth in 1970 and have spent the last 32 yrs living in Cardiff in between globetrotting as my husband was a Master at sea ,including a most interesting period living in St. Lucia.

It is a very small world - last Sunday we had a party at our house - Megan Hughes, one of Hugh John Hughes' daughters came and brought with her a long school photo. When showing it around to the other guests, one said he was at University with some of the Ardudwy Teachers. Another couple said that Rhyddid Williams had taught them after he left Harlech.
I remember your grandparents and parents, especially your mum who used to work at Garrie Thomas's Wool shop . What ever happened to Olive Hughes, Mary Evans & Ruth Williams? Keep up the good work, Best regards, Janie Tomlinson

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