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People - 2003

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The "remembered" section of this site (see links above)lists people who are particularly remembered by the author or others who may contribute from time to time. When available, biographical information and photographs are added. Contributions are welcomed. The other sections reference the year when emails were sent to me (John Pugh) by people who once lived in or in the vicinity of Barmouth. They are organized by the year in which the email was received.

Name Date of e-mail Comments (linked)

Jan Gareth Rogers September, 2003 Thanks for the "trip home."....
Ros Burgess (Webb) August, 2003 I remember you and your family only by sight....
Gary Ryan July, 2003 I was born in Barmouth (Water St) in 1944....

Jan Gareth Rogers (Sept/2003) - spent summers in Llanbedr

John, like you, now an American living in Florida who spent most of his summers on a farm in the Nantcol Valley, up from Llanbedr. Spent summers on Mochras Island through WW2 and remember Barmouth when Cadwalader Roberts was a hardware store full of tools and hardware--not "antiques". The Barmouth railway station was a place of great bustle, with a complete staff and steam engines. My trip to the farm always via Ruabon and down the Bala/Mawdach Valley. Have enjoyed a meal or two at the George which I remember as the next to last stop before Barmouth, if that was where I was picked up. Or close enough to Llanbedr/Pensarn (now closed and demolished) for eager anticipation. Our taxi man in Llanbedr was Willie Pugh--what a character. My uncle and aunt still live on the farm above Llanbedr, my Mother in Talybont. Most recently there in 2000. Thanks for the "trip home." Jan Gareth Rogers

Ros Burgess (Webb) (Feb/2002) - I remember Morwendon very well...

Hello John, I remember you and your family only by sight but wanted to congratulate you on your Barmouth website! I am now of an age where I can remember many of the people you mention or their parents, siblings, cousins, friends....too many to list but enough to say, they are remembered with warmth!

I was not born in Barmouth but attended Barmouth Primary School when W.D. Williams was Headmaster. This was a time when the cane was legal, though it was mainly used to point at the blackboard as we sat reciting our multiplication times tables. Rote learning was the norm but the teachers also had the freedom, which is often denied now to pass on their own knowledge and wisdom. W.D. had a lot of scholarship to pass on and he did so with a great passion founded on his profound love of music and literature. I realise now how fortunate we were, but have to smile when I think of some of the operatic arias that we had to sing in Welsh! Not for the faint hearted! It is amazing, after so many years, little snippets can still be recalled.. especially after a glass or two of good wine!

This was also a time when the school basement housed at various times, Mr Hughes' classroom, a canteen and not least, the visiting and much dreaded school dentist! Oh! how we hated standing in line waiting for our turn, watching the telltale flow of blood seeping out into the gutter! At other times, during heavy rain, the basement flooded and we witnessed chairs floating in foul smelling water that had risen from the drains. Apart from the dentist, they were happy enough days!

We live in South Wales now but Barmouth, Llanaber and the surrounding countryside will always be home! Mum and Dad are at rest in Dyffryn Ardudwy - Harold and Cissie Webb, formerly of Morwendon, LLanaber - and our visits have sadly become very infrequent. Much time is taken up with my daughter's delightful little sons but that is in another part of the country and a different story. Suffice to say, when not working as a librarian, I'm a very happy Nana!

Best wishes John, Ros Burgess (Rosamund Webb)

Gary Ryan (July/2003) - Connected to my old buddy Pete Davies...

Hi, my name is Gary Ryan. I went to Ysgol Ardydwy and I was born in Barmouth (Water St) in 1944. I think you are a little younger than me but you know all the people that I know.

In 1964 I was in a band called "Dial 112" with Dai Jones on drums, and Trevlyn Jones on guitar, myself on keyboard (well organ then) and later on Pete Davies on lead guitar.

My family owned the chip shop by the "Buffs" and my brothers name is Greg. You might be more Gregs age. I left Barmouth in 1969 to live in Wrexham. I married young and there was no steady work for bricklayer. I also joined a show band in Wrexham and stayed with them for 3 years then in 1975 went pro-sessioning with different bands playing "Butlins" ending up in the Blackpool tower playing for the circus. I now run a studio called "Dragon Studios". I'm still gigging im Birmingham this week end with a band called "Legend", a queen tribe band.

I could go on and on so if you get this email give me a call and we can talk some more.
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