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People - 2005

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The "remembered" section of this site (see links above)lists people who are particularly remembered by the author or others who may contribute from time to time. When available, biographical information and photographs are added. Contributions are welcomed. The other sections reference the year when emails were sent to me (John Pugh) by people who once lived in or in the vicinity of Barmouth. They are organized by the year in which the email was received. I am still updating the 2005 messages. I am back to May, 2005 at this time (October/2005). Watch this space.

Name Date of e-mail Comments (linked)

Jo Kitchen (Jeffs) October, 2005 Just stumbled across your website....
David Blower September, 2005 Hi, I have just come across your website by chance....
Ann Williams September, 2005 I was browsing through looking for....
Samantha Haycocks August, 2005 has roots in Barmouth....
Paul Wilkins June, 2005 Could any of the visitors to your site help....
Ian Halstead May, 2005 I Googled to your superb site...
Charles Edward Morgan February, 2005 As an avid ex Barmouth Utd. football player...
Debbie Powell January, 2005 I stumbled across your website by complete accident...
Sue Lampard (Trevitt) January, 2005 I remember the walk from Barmouth station....

Jo Jeffs (October/2005) - Jo (Joanne) writes from London

Hi John, Just stumbled across your website - It brought back many memories!! I'm Jo Jeffs, (Joanne), the youngest of Ken & Jinnie Jeffs' children, (others being Tony, Karen & Helen), of 5 Porkington Terrace. I Remember so many names, and of course teachers at Ysgol Ardudwy. I left Barmouth in 1983 and have lived in London more or less since. From Ice Cream at Uncle Harry Jeffs' of Balmoral, (usually served by Mary or aunty Enid), on the way home from Barmouth primary, and when old enough, Midnight Mass in St John's, (followed by sherry with Aunty Sheila at Deronda!). The eagerly awaited Barmouth carnival every year, (I made it to Miss Barmouth in 1978!!), where we all flocked to the Dragon Theatre, to find out who'd secured the important role of Queen for the year - (how proud you were on that float, whatever your title!).

My first job was working for Eirlys & Trevor Williams at their paper shop, just around the corner from my grandmothers at Birmingham Garage. Other summer jobs were at Cors Y Gedol, (who remembers the lovely Agi?), the Harbour Fish Shop & the Dolphin, to name but a few. One thing's for sure, I've never had it so good as the wages you could pocket during a summer season in Barmouth, in your late teens! My father was on the Fairbourne ferry for many years, and a member of the lifeboat crew for as long as I can remember. I was glad to have been home for the visit by Charles & Diana, when they came to name the Princess of Wales. My father being Coxswain at the time and my brother Tony, (also in the lifeboat for many years and a great supporter of the Barmouth community), presenting the Royal couple with his painting of the boat.

My many friends included Stephanie Newport, and all her cousins, Julie Anderson, (remember Andy the coastguard?) Elise Owen, (remember Ethel Owen's fantastic sewing skills?!) and of course many more. Fond memories, growing up at the harbour end of town included, the Vaughens at Number 1 Porkington, The Townsends at Lawrenny Lodge, the Powell sisters, Llew. Dorothy & Anne Griffiths at Number 12, Olive Johnson, Bod Idris, the Elmie's, (Graham Elmy was the RSPCA inspector, and there were many family friends before them in that house, the Bett's, the Clutterbucks etc). Fond memories too of Dick, Geraillt & Peredur!! Many names I recognise on the site and fond regards to everyone who remembers me & us - Keep up the great work John. Happy Days!

David Blower (September/2005) - Another Barmouth ex-pat writes

Hi, I have just come across your website by chance. I was looking to find an old friend of mine called Arfon Griffiths from Barmouth and just by chance I came across a message that had been sent to you by his Borther. At least I thdnk it was his brother. I know he had 4 brothers, his Father worked on the Railway and his older brother was called Richard. I worked with Arfon for Midland Bank back in the late 70's and we both left to travel around Europe for a while. S is the case we went our separate ways after a while and lost touch. I know Arfon worked in London for a while and I have a feeling he may have ended up in Thailand but am not sure.

I don't know if it's possible but if you would forward this email on to Owain it would be much appreciated.

Ann Williams (September/2005) - A connection with my Neighbours.....

Good morning John, I was browsing through looking for a legend on the Sword Stones (I am leading a walk for the Barmouth Walking Festival on Saturday and like to tell a tale or two when we stop to look at the Sword Stones above Sylfaen Farm. If you know any let me know. I donít expect historical accuracy. Great site - hope to visit again before long. This is my coffee break and so I must get back to work soon!

I am the coordinator for the Gwynedd Council Tourist Information Centres and live in Barmouth at Heather Bank - high on the mountain above the Rectory. I remember your mother and father well. I used to meet them in Aunty Nans when I popped in. My mother, Eira Goodchild is now 94 now and still living by herself in Bryn Glas at the top of the hill above the Cors y Gedol Hotel. She still bakes me a cake every week

I suspect that you know a lot about Barmouth and who is related to whom, but just to place me I am married to Mick who is the son of Sydney and Twm Mike. We have three children - Allison who is now manager of the Dragon Theatre, Ben who is a Building Site Manager and Robyn who is in Bangor Uni plus one grandchild Evan Michael and a dog called Fly.

Samantha Haycocks (August/2005) - has roots in Barmouth...

I have just found your web site - brilliant!!!!! My mother is a native of Barmouth, her name is Daloni Hoodless and her grandfather was William Finnigan who sold fruit from his barrel. William was in the Boer war and so, named their house in Barmouth - Ladysmith. This also server as a fruit shop. Maybe someone will remember my mother or her grandfather. He also owned some houses on the front in Barmouth. Their names also relate to the Boer war. Williams wife's name was Ann Owen before she married. Together they had two daughters - Jennie and Betsy - maybe someone remembers them also. I would be very interested if anyone has more information or even photographs. My mother looks back on her childhood in Barmouth with great affection and speaks often of the good old days! I am very proud of my welsh roots. I look forward to hearing more interesting tales of Barmouth.

Paul Wilkins (June/2005) - Could any of the visitors to your site help...

Dear Sir, I read with interest your very kind words about my dear grandmother. She was a fine lady and is saddly missed. Barmouth will never be the same without her. I am contacting you to see if you could put something onto your site for me. I am working on my family tree and I am having some difficulty. I am wondering if any of the visitors to your site might be able to help.

As you said in your write-up Evelyn's parents (on her mother's side) have been in the Barmouth area for four centuries. I have traced the Wilkins line back to Deddington in Oxford in 1737. I am stuck with the Roberts and Thomas lines. I will tell you what I have got. Evelyn's parents were:

Evan David Roberts
Born 24.8.1885
Place Barmouth
His parents were
Father - Griffith Roberts
Born 1853
Place Dolgellau
Mother - Catherine Edwards
Born 30.7.1851
Place Barmouth

Catherine Ann Thomas
Born 14.6.1886
Place Abergynolwyn
Her parents were
Father - David Thomas
Born 1860
Place Abergynolwyn
Mother - Catherine Edwards
Born 1864
Place Abergynolwyn

I am wondering if any of the visitors to your site could help it would be much appreciated. My name is Paul Wilkins

Ian Halstead (May/2005) - I Googled to your superb site...

Hi John, I Googled to your superb site regarding Barmouth during a whim to research any information regarding a family friend who ran a Guest House on Marine Drive, Barmouth. The owners name is (highly likely to be 'was' by now) Donald Pinchin. I cannot remember the number or name of the guest house unfortunately, but he had a delightful German housekeeper called Lilli, a fairly identifying feature I would have guessed. He also did work for the Forestry Commission I believe as well.

Donald had an intense dislike of the Japanese, having been taken prisoner when the rubber plantation he helped run was captured by the Japanese forces in Malaya in WWII. He could relate some appalling tales of maltreatment - he was put to work on the infamous railway building programme. Despite this, he had a fantastic sense of humour, and would have given Spike Milligan a run for his money.

We used to visit regularly in the sixties - I remember being in Barmouth with my three older sisters when the Soviets invaded Chechoslovakia in 1968, and can clearly remember the bright sunshine on the stark headlines outside a newsagents shop. I would have been 11 at the time. Other memories include my sisters making huge piles of jelly fish on the beach for some bizarre reason!

If you have any information on Donald and Lilli, or know of anyone else I could contact who may know anything, I'd be delighted to hear. Regards, Ian Halstead

Charles Edward Morgan (February/2005) - an avid ex-Barmouth United football player....

Hi, as an avid ex-Barmouth United football player here is a little bit about my family. My mum was Lydia Morgan, her brother was Edward David Roberts, his sister was Evelyn Wilkins and she had 8 kids - Geoffrey, Margaret, Dianne, Allen, Janet, Helen, Linda, who still lives in Bermo.

My family, brother Ken, worked as projectionist in the Barmouth cinema until 1950, went to Runcorn as same, brother Peter moved to Cardiff and is still there. He has visited us in south Australia about 6 times. My young sister Maureen moved to same place as Ken and at present are both living in bull bay on Angelsey.

I was born 26th March, 1941 and left to join the army. I live in Australia and at present have three kids and five grandkids. Most all of my uncles and aunts are gone and all are buried in Llanaber. My home address is now South Australia. I still have many rellies in barmouth and phone my family as often as I can. I have only been on the internet a few months, and this is one of the few emails I have sent. I hope you receive this and will look forward to hearing from you. Yours, Charles E Morgan - Bermo am byth!

My grandfather worked with Crosville buses and worked there for many years after the war. He had a steel plate in his head and I seem to remember this was the reason he died at work. Not sure of his first name but he was a Roberts and lived in Barmouth all his life. My grandmother died when I was in the army in Cypress. I remember it was about 1960, since that was one of the few times that I was home. Ted Roberts had a little fish and winkle stall on the front near the arcade, we were there in 1986 for about three weeks with my family, wife, two sons and daughter, who all live in south aussie near my wife and I. I joined the Royal Welch Fusiliers in Wrexham in 1957, then served in the middle east, as well as the far east. Also in Berlin with the Welch Regiment. I ended my service in the UK in 1966, came to South Australia in 1969 - still here and loving it.

Debbie Powell (January/2005) - I stumbled across your website by complete accident...

Hello, I stumbled across your website by complete accident, and am so happy that did! I noted that you were keen on the thought of reuniting old friends. Well, I think I may have found a relative of mine listed on your site!

In your 'people remembered' section, I came across Owain Peredur Griffith, dating back to March 2000. I am almost certain that this is my mother's cousin. She grew up in Barmouth, daughter of Sarah and Percy Gillett (Joan). I recently visited St Johns, and got talking to a gentleman there, who recognised me as the grand-daughter of 'Sarah fach'!! If any of this means anything to anybody, please do let me know. Thanks in anticipation - Debbie Powell

Sue Lampard (Trevitt) (January/2005) - I remember the walk from Barmouth station...

Hello John - I have been meaning to get in touch since mid last year, when I first came across your great website and all the info therein. My brother, Chris Trevitt has put me to shame by contacting you first, now I must make amends ..........

I love reading about Barmouth and surrounds on your site - we grew up in Llanfair, attended the small primary school there, and then what used to be the Barmouth Grammar School, travelling each day on the train, until the school closed down and Ysgol Ardudwy took over, there at the foot of the Castle in Harlech. My sister Pat and myself used to run down the long hills from our home, Penrallt Farm, down through other farms and collecting other students en route, to the station at Pensarn, just in time to hop on the train to school.

I remember the walk from Barmouth station to the school, along the back road, where we would meet up with friends and catch up on news, homework etc. Fond memories of these train-travelling times, which changed to being cycle-rides from home to the new school.

You have emails from a certain Peter Davies, talking about "the red guitar"... would this be the Peter Davies who played with Gordon Daley, in the days when rock'n'roll was just taking off?? I have lots more fond memories of those times, too, especially a Christmas (?) Party Pat and myself threw, in the Hall in Llanfair, with Peter, Gordon and another fellow, whose name eludes me just now, playing all the latest numbers - Buddy Holly especially! I also have Photos.............

I won't make this too long, but have lots more I would like to relate - maybe another later time .... I would love to hear from anyone else remembering these times. I also read, with interest, last year, your article on Morris Evans, which I don't seem to be able to find right now, but I "remember him well".

Another of your correspondents mentions Dr. Lewis Lloyd - he and his sister Margaret lived in Llanfair, and attended Barmouth School also. I met up with him when I first came to Australia, in 1996, he was then working at the University in Canberra, and he very kindly gave us a copy of his book "The Unity of Barmouth", about the 2 sloops of this name, and also a copy of a book called "Letters from America" by Captain David Evans of Talsarnau (this was edited partly by Lewis). We were saddened, too, to hear of his passing, many years ago now. I will sign off now, and look forward to reading more on your wonderful website - thank you so much for putting it all together, it is just Great! Regards, Sue.

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