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People - 2006

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The "remembered" section of this site (see links above)lists people who are particularly remembered by the author or others who may contribute from time to time. When available, biographical information and photographs are added. Contributions are welcomed. The other sections reference the year when emails were sent to me (John Pugh) by people who once lived in or in the vicinity of Barmouth. They are organized by the year in which the email was received.

Name Date of e-mail Comments (linked)

Debbie Banks Oct, 2006 I was intrigued when I read your article about the clock Tower....
David Craik June, 2006 Sorry it is a while since I was last in touch....
Viv Denham May, 2006 I've just found your website....
Barry Noble April, 2006 I worked at the Wayside as bar cellarman from Easter 1975 for 6 months....

Debbie Banks (October/2006) - Has memories of the clock house

Dear John, My name is Debbie Banks. I was intrigued when I read your article about the clock Tower, and I'm wondering if we're talking of the same clock tower. Is this the one that is on the left hand side of the road as you come into Barmouth right by the bridge that stretches across the harbour? If it's the house I'm thinking of, It was known in our family affectionately as the Barmouth house. My grandfather Mr Peter Lowe, used to live there during his holidays in the summer. My cousin once a week would climb the ladder to go and wind the clock up. I was six or seven at the time. I have a film of how the clock tower looked back in late fifties early sixties. It is beautiful. My grandfather would moor his boat by the house and at the end of the day would winch it up when the tide rose. I should imagine the house has changed quite considerably now. The house was in the family for quite a while. It was sold after we grew up and didn't use it so much.

I've done a bit of digging on the net from this end when some one told me that the owner of the house was the director of Ford motors, I put that in to the computer and it came back with Richard, Parry-Jones a Welshman, looked to me to be in his early fifties I think, a very positive person, the type that would use the house as a holiday get away. I could well be wrong. I couldn't find any thing else out about him apart from he travels a lot.

David Craik (June/2006) - Barmouth composer John Rippiner Heath

Hello Again John, Sorry it is a while since I was last in touch. The Devil finds work for idle hands and minds, so I'm spending the summer vacation researching the history and compositions of Barmouth composer John Rippiner Heath (JR Heath). He died in 1950. He was a GP doctor in Barmouth 1918 to 1948. He was also quite an accomanished composer, and was invited to be conductor of the Barmouth Choral Union - I'm about to interview Nanacy Dedwydd Roberts who was a member of Heath's choir. Heath mainly composed for Cello, paino and chamber quartets. His son, Andrew Heath was a professional horn player and oboeist. He featured on many Radio 3 classical shows. It is possible to buy CDs perfomed by Andrew Heath. Sadly, Andrew Heath died recently. Also sadly, none of JR Heath's work has been recorded. But this is about to be amended. I have located his music manuscripts to the National Library in Aberystwyth and I'm going to get them copied and one of my students is a classical pianist and by lucky coincidence, we have a digital recording studio at the college where I work in Worcester. So, we will be able to hear some of Heath's work. They have not been perfomred for 50 years. I'll let you know of our progress at each stage, hopefully I can make contact with his family and get some pictures?

Viv Denham (May/2006) - Viv with some memories of Plas Mynach

I've just found your website for Plas Mynach, where you say that you lived as a child. My cousin, Margaret, also lived there as a child in the 1950s, when it was an hotel owned by my aunt, Kay Clasper, and her husband, Jim. I also visited the house a few times I have been to Barmouth a few times and have enquired about Plas Mynach, but have never actually managed to find it. However, at a family funeral last week, my cousin Margaret and I were discussing its location, and she also has made enquiries.

She has long wanted to visit the house again, to retrace her old haunts, so to speak. She has been told by the Tourism Office that it is now called Plas Mynach Mynach and that it is now owned by Astley Antiques (however there seems to be no mention of this company anywhere on the Internet). Margaret tells me of a staircase which went down to the basement, with a priests hole, and a passageway that went into the mountain, but the lady she spoke to there says this basement no longer exists. Margaret also had ponies in the stables, which the lady again tells her are now craft workshops. I don't think Margaret has an email address (I will enquire) but it would be fascinating for you two to compare notes on your knowledge of the house.

(John Pugh) I do not have a web site for Plas Mynach although I do mention it because I used to play in the woods of Plas Mynach when I was a young boy. I never lived there.

Barry Noble (April/2006) - Worked at the Wayside

John, I worked at the Wayside as bar cellarman from Easter 1975 for 6 months for Vic and Lyn Biddle. I've returned to the UK many times but never to Barmouth to my lasting regret. My "Summer of '75" was one of the happiest times of my life, as an Aussie, very unusual in your neck of the woods in those days my wife and I were made so welcome. Whilst the Wayside was essentially a holiday destination pub we nonetheless had a number of regulars. I particularly remember John who used to drive a truck and seemed to move a lot of caravans around, there was Dy the Crisp, he delivered potato crisps etc and Terry Dunn who owned Barmouth Printers. Terry and I became quite good mates and he was a darn good chess player. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers Barry and Anne Noble from Adelaide South Australia. Vic and Lyn were very good to us and I recount many stories from those days. I have to assume that Chico has died, I hope he had a good life. If you are in contact with the Biddles please repeat my apologies about the chip on the rim of the bath, it has bothered me all these years. I look forward to hearing from someone. Kind Regards Barry Noble

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