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Technology Trailer


The Welsh Development Agency, through the Wales Information Society is bringing the ‘Technology Trailer’ to Barmouth. This FREE event will take place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of January, 2003 and you are all invited to come along. The event is aimed at local businesses in and around the local area, but members of the community are more than welcome to become involved in the event.

Ever thought of connecting up to the web and setting up your own site? What about selling your business to the rest of the world? Are you already on the World Wide Web but need some help?  Thinking about buying a PC, but you’re not quite convinced it will help your business? Or are you already quite happy with your ICT (Information Communication Technology) set up, but would like some of those burning questions answered?

Through the use of a state-of-the-art, technology equipped trailer, free seminars will help you make the most of Information Technology within your business and community.

Questions before the event are welcomed, to enable sessions and seminars to be tailored especially for you. If you have any ideas or would like to know about the event itself, you can contact Samantha Williams, Regional Co-ordinator at Samantha.c.williams@wda.co.uk , or alternatively give her a call on 01745 586210.

The Trailer

Here's a picture of the trailer. A ramp leads into the spacious auditorium inside where 30 people can be accommodated in one sitting

The auditorium is equipped with the latest in technology - digital overhead projection, flat screen technology and satellite hookup to the internet.

Presentations are given to demonstrate how Internet technology can be used to improve communications and create appeal. Opportunities for local business through the medium of the Internet is huge. The reach is Global.

Learn how you can take advantage of this reach to market your products and services to a global customer base using simple Internet tools.

Bring your questions to the seminar no matter how simple they may seem to be. No questions will be ignored and they may also be sent via email.

The auditorium



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